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Domain Lead Generator – Intro

I recently started working for a company that deals/invests in domain names. What the company does is – it buys a whole lot of domain names – mainly ones with generic keywords (like,… so and so) and then flips them over for a profit. Often only one in 10 get sold, but the ROI is so high that it makes up for the 9 that don’t get sold.

The best way to find people to buy a domain name is to contact people who already own a domain name, preferably one that competes with the one we wish to sell, and find if they’re interested.

So finding end-users who might be interested in a domain – that’s my job.

I’ll be dividing this into 3 posts.

#1 – The Manual Process

Here I’ll describe how we used to do the job.

#2 – The Automated Process

Finally the company decided to introduce a tool that would automate the process (Very similar to Estibot’s Lead Generator Tool). The tool had a few bugs and didn’t give expected results.

#3 – The Better Automated Process

I tried to make my own version of the tool using Python. Involves more manual work, but achieves better results.*

(* Should achieve better results. I haven’t gotten far enough to know if it’s working or not)

Domain Lead Generator #1 : The Manual Process
Domain Lead Generator #2 : The Automated Process
Domain Lead Generator #3 : The Better Automated Process


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