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Domain Lead Generator #2 – The Automated Process

This is the 2nd post of a series. If you haven’t read the previous posts – here they are :

Domain Lead Generator – Intro
Domain Lead Generator #1 – The Manual Process

As you can observe – Once the keywords list is made, the other steps don’t involve much of human intelligence. Realizing this, a few guys at the company started working on a program that would automate this process.

What the program does :

1. Accepts keywords as .txt file

Like in the previous post, I think up a few keywords and store them in a .txt file.

2. Does Google search

For this step, the program requires that Google Chrome is running with FastestChrome extension installed. Now the program takes control of Google chrome, does searches and scrolls down the given number of pages and copies the results to a file. The clipboard is used in the process, and I can’t move my mouse or use the keyboard.

3. Extracts domains

Next, the program opens up a page where I have to just click, and it pastes the information gathered in the previous step. Then I’m asked to click ‘Submit’, and it returns a list containing only the domain names. This is similar to the Domain Extractor Tool at

4. Does WHOIS searches

After this, the program does WHOIS searches in the background. It warns the user to not use the clipboard when the background process is going on, as it could mess up the results.

A few problems I found with this software :

1. Made for Windows.
It’s been a while since I’ve moved over to linux. Ubuntu made it so very easy, and I’ve rarely had to go back to Windows. One of the reasons I’ve had to is this very piece of software.

2. Crashes, Hangs
In step 2 (Google Search), the program hangs quite often. Sometimes it just doesn’t scroll down, sometimes is starts copying text off my desktop and wrecking havoc on my system.

3. Clipboard Usage
The whole process takes about 45 mins per domain, and I’m not allowed to use the clipboard throughout. If I do accidentally use it, I have no way of knowing if it affected the results or not – which brings me to the next point.

4. No details/analytics
The end result of this software – is a .txt file with all the email IDs. For many of the domain names generated in step 4 (Extract Domains), the email IDs wouldn’t have been obtained – but I have no way of knowing which ones.

In the next post, I’ll introduce my version of this software that I created using Python.

The next post :
Domain Lead Generator #3 : The Better Automated Process


2 thoughts on “Domain Lead Generator #2 – The Automated Process

  1. Hi swapnil, this is a Python script and doesn’t use any external tools. This is a lead generation tool in itself 🙂 You can run it yourself, all the code is publicly available.

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